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I haven’t quite gotten around to moving all my old blog posts over – i have until the end of Feb to save them all. HELP! i have no idea how to do it unless i just copy and paste the text from each one and put them up individually. there must be an easier way moving from wordpress to blogger!!

Rantings as of late – movie theaters in india
I have had the rare opportunity lately to see movies during the day – girly, sad, English language movies. Unfortunately the cinema is also the only place where couples and youth in Mumbai can get some ‘alone’ time. This means that they pay the 2.50 USD or 3 dollars to sit in an AC hall and talk on the phone, chat and laugh together and basically do anything but watch the movie!!! Very annoying to me when I really want to see the movie. If it was a funny movie I could probably deal, but the last two films I went to see were sad movies and I really wanted to get so sucked into them that it made me cry. But those really touching moments where everything is quiet on the screen is prime time for holding stupid conversations in the theater. grr. Any you know me, i can’t keep my mouth shut. I can’t resist telling them off. To which I get about 2 minutes of silence before it starts again. No more day time movies for me.

A silent protest:
Apparently last night my building and most of my street held a silent protest! I SOO wish someone would have told me, I would have been front and center. Our building is directly opposite a posh restaurant/bar where all the rich like to strut their stuff and squeal their wheels, oh and honk their horns. Apparently I am not the only one irritated by the nightly blaring of horns. All the kids were out and everything – close to 500 people apparently. Hopefully they will do another one soon that I can be part of! Tonight, amazingly things are pretty quiet outside.

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