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Happy Holi!

We’ve gone and done it again! Holi is one of my favorite holidays in India. If you don’t know what it is by now, it’s the spring festival of colours. And one day in the country where most people enjoy … Continue reading

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gori beware, holi hai

Foreigners Beware – its holi! The few days before holi tend to be very dangerous on the roads. Kids armed with water balloons are out in full force and bystanders, foreigners especially have to take caution. Every single year since … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Since my boyfriend is Irish, I have to celebrate St Paddy’s day! He’s working as usual, but I am making him his traditional Irish Stew and will have his Guiness waiting at home for him! This year I doubt we’ll … Continue reading

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more censorship

In India all films are censored before they get released, foreign and local alike. Basically it is the morality police who go through the films and decide what is and is not appropriate for adults in India to view. Any … Continue reading

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Government Stamp

We get The Economist by subscription and this week it was several days late. I didn’t think anything of it as the mail here is notoriously slow. Nor did I think anything of the plastic covering already being opened or … Continue reading

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cuba ramblings

I was gifted a trip to Cuba for my birthday. I have been frantically trying to research it to figure out what we want to do, what is the best way to get there and how their insane money system … Continue reading

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Goa Recap

So we were three and then we were two and then we were three and then we were two and finally we ended up being three! J cancelled on Monday as she was summoned to Portland, so then Stacie and … Continue reading

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rickshaw run names

for now..our team name is karma kab.we were under immense pressure to come up with a name quickly before providing our deposit. some other names we are still considering:karma initiativefast around the kormaspaan & currygoodbye mumbaibangladashing Please give your feedback … Continue reading

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goa girls weekend

It really shouldn’t be that difficult to plan a weekend trip to Goa. People go all the time. It’s only a 50 minute flight. There are trains, buses, and flights that go around the clock! But somehow getting the three … Continue reading

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