last day in tokyo…

I woke up this morning from a dream about the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. I felt it was a sign that we better go before we leave. It is the oldest temple in Tokyo and the largest tourist attraction. It was on our list originally, but we were feeling so burnt out of temples by the time we got to Tokyo that we nixed all of the historical cultural sites and decided to stick with modern culture instead! But off we went.

it was insanity! The path leading up to the temple is jammed with souvenir shops selling all the tacky knick knacks possible and it was wall to wall people. And it was hot hot hot. (So much for that cyclone giving us rain!). The temple itself wasn’t anything different than we’d seen before, so we weren’t too enthused. But we did the ‘needful’ and went around it all and even checked out the tacky shops. By this point though it was boiling hot outside and we’d already gone through 4 bottles of water, so we decided it was time to do our last minute shopping and prepare for packing!

Off to Shinjuku for some socks and knee highs (all the rage here) and of course to Krispy Kreme to get our supply to take back to India. Today the line was even longer – it stretched around the corner, but luckily didn’t take too long. We saw a billboard that said it was 30 degrees Celsius out — man I knew it was hot today but didn’t realize it was India hot! No wonder we were guzzling water – all the previous days it had been 22 maximum!

Donuts in hand, socks and other miscellaneous goodies we headed back to the hotel to pack to make sure we didn’t need to buy a new bag! I managed to get everything to fit – so now we just hope that its not overweight!

And for our last night we weren’t sure what to do. So we just sat in front of the busiest intersection people watching, commenting on fashion and chatting with an Australian who lives in Osaka. Then off to find our last meal… we couldn’t figure out what to eat. Folo felt he wanted sushi, but wasn’t in the mood. I wasn’t hungry (too many donut snacks!), so we just headed to a local Irish pub to check out the goings on. It was a real Irish pub…. but full of Japanese! they had soda bread, did the beer properly according to folo and managed to get it all right. Folo finished his night off with some seafood and i had irish food! haha.

Sad to say goodbye to Tokyo, but also a bit ready to head home – mostly we want a nap and to rest our feet! But it’s been an amazing trip and we’ll have tons of photos to go through once we get back home and sort through them. Come back soon to check again for the photo updates.

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