back in bombay

I was definately not happy to be leaving the orderly clean and beautiful weather Japan, but alas our holiday had to end sometime! We made it back to Mumbai without any problems. We caught the train from Shibuya station to the airport (over an hour long train journey – no wonder people don’t fly internally!). We did some last minute shopping at the airport and headed off.

We didn’t have much time in Singapore this time, so we just ran from shop to shop buying all of our vice items (cigarettes, wine, candy).

Back to Mumbai we were shocked with the humidity again. I don’t seem to mind the heat so much, but add in humidity and it’s miserable! It was 30 celcius when we arrived at 11:30 pm at night. shew.
Today we are just going through photos and fully relaxing from our holiday 😉
tomorrow back to work and life.
I posted a few photos in the old posts.. you can click on the “japan trip” tag at the bottom of the post and it will bring up all the japan entries so you can see a few new photos. Tokyo photos will come soon. And hopefully sooner than later, we will have tons up on flickr.

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