busy doing nothing

For some reason I feel like I’ve been busy – but doing what I don’t know! I have been researching about my upcoming trip to Russia, looking for an apartment, looking for a holiday apartment for Berlin this summer, reading on the summer rickshaw run, etc.

I’m perfectly happy doing all this – but then sometimes I feel like perhaps I should get out of the house and socialize a bit! But the problem is that I don’t really want to – there are so few people here in Mumbai at the moment that I want to get out and socialize with. What happened to the social butterfly in me?

I also don’t feel like taking photos at all anymore. Not sure if I am just bored with the Mumbai surroundings or if I’m just lazy. but i’m trying to find new places to visit and some reason to visit them so I can take photos.. just doesn’t quite happen.

And.. those Japan photos… grr. still need to get through them, but it’s so overwhelming. But I have to do it before my russia trip or else i’ll be in big trouble with two trips of photos to go through!

The only other news here.. My friend Stacie will be moving in with us when she comes back from the States in July. it should be fun – although I am not sure how much time we’ll actually overlap at the house since we both have too much travel coming up.

And the rickshaw run… gotta start thinking about that. we have our justgiving site up, but haven’t sent it around yet. anyone want to be the first to donate??! www.justgiving.com/karmakab

guess thats it for now.. back to researching my adventures

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