busy bee

Somehow the last few weeks have been busy again and full of social engagements. I’m not complaining! It’s been fun to get out and about again – I guess I was just going through a ‘homebody’ spell.

I also starting writing a column for the American Women’s monthly magazine here. It’s on travel… who would have guessed. This month’s article was on Japan since I was still so excited about our trip there. I also had a few photos on in the magazine, but unfortunately they looked terrible! One was cropped badly and the colors did not come out well at all. But I guess you can’t expect perfection from a no budget monthly – but I think things will get better as time goes on and things become more systematic. This was the first month that incorporated a ton of changes. Overall it’s looking great though, so I am glad to be part of this initiative.

Also i’ve been trying to get more organized for the rickshaw run. I need to really start pushing people for donations. No one has donated yet.. so I think we might have to send the link to family first and get the ball rolling so our friends will be more inclined to give.

hmm. lets see what else… i’m trying to get back into the spirit of doing the MDP blog. Its hard to find new photos though as I feel like I’ve put just about everything up and Mumbai has become too normal for me again so that i don’t even feel like taking my camera out anymore. gotta get back into it.

and i am planning my trip to russia with my grandmother. We seem to be on track. I should get my passport back on Friday from the Russian consulate..and crossing my fingers that it has a proper visa in place! We’ve booked flights, an apartment for Berlin and now I just need to finalize whether we are going to Tallinn (Estonia) or Riga (Latvia). Getting excited though.

Thats all from here… gotta get back to the wii fit 🙂

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