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The monsoon has been very weak this year, but I guess we shouldn’t complain too much because it has still been cooler for the most part and we don’t have to deal with soggy wet fet all the time! But monsoon is also the time of year when people are coming and going. A few people we used to hang out with have left – for the best I think. Neither of them were particularly happy here and tended to just make others miserable in their wake. And we ran into some other people we know yesterday who are also planning on leaving soon. The male part of both of these has managed to stay in India much longer, but once their female counterpart’s arrived, it all went downhill…

It makes me think about what qualities a person must have to be able to stick out India for so long. How have I been here for 4+ years and others who live much grander lifestyles than me can’t make it past 1 year? Does it all come down to adaptability? Or is it just that there are things here to keep me occupied? Does it make a difference that I was already heavily involved in non profit work in my previous life and can easily do it here as well? Adventurous spirit – does that play any role? Wanting to experience new things, seeking out new possibilities? Anyone know what qualities it takes to stick out the expat lifestyle?!

There was just an article online discussing expats. Apparently Irish and Kiwi’s are more often expats and India is the country with the lowest ‘longevity’ for expats. It is definately not an easy country to live in, but if you can stick it out, it tops the list of ‘earn & save’ while also living a luxurious lifestyle. But I think many people are lured her with those thoughts, but then can’t handle it and end up leaving well before their contracts expire.

Meanwhile, I have friends who were transferred from India for other ‘exotic’ locales and still miss India intensely and would probably move back in an instant. They were ‘typical’ expats, but somehow really fell into life here. And then there are those who seriously LOVE India and fully immerse themselves and don’t get annoyed by the little things that drive us mad… Food for thought I guess.

In other news, I am running around like mad trying to finish all my little projects so I can fully relax on my trip to Berlin, Russia & Latvia. I’m getting excited – only one week to go!

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