off to another adventure..

I am off to Berlin tomorrow. Whoot whoot! All smiles except that I have been down with some cold or flu for the past 3 days and have gotten nothing done in preparation for my trip. The other week my entire household was sick and I escaped it, but now I have it. I wish I would have gotten it then and not now. So i’ve just been resting as much as possible with olympic watching in between.

Haven’t packed, haven’t finished running errands and didn’t even get to go to Goa for Stacie’s bday. I didn’t go so I could spend the weekend doing all my errands and packing..nope.

Tomorrow, no matter how crappy I feel I have a full day. I have a mani/pedi appt in the am to get me out of the house, then must run last minute errands and pay bills. Then come home and hope that my clothes are dry and pack before stacie gets back and needs her room! At the moment, her bed is covered in random bits that I plan to pack.

And tomorrow night we will be off. this week should be pretty mellow in Berlin at least until Thur when the rest of the gang arrives for Andy & Anja’s wedding. hopefully we can look at some possible flats to purchase, do some shopping and just potter around Berlin. I’ve been several times before, but this is only folo’s second time. And I need to search out things to show my Grandmother when she arrives the following week.

I’ll be sure to update and post photos as I can. See you in Sept

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