journey home – welcome to mold land

We arrived in Berlin easily from Riga. But one thing that is weird is that when the plane landed in Berlin, the whole plane started clapping. I really don’t understand this! It also happened when we landed in Russia. Do people not have much faith in these budget airlines or are they showing respect for the pilot? Either way, it totally was odd to me and Granny!

After arrival, we hopped on the train making a quick stop to return some tights I bought before Russia. Then back on the same train for another 15 stops to get out to pouring rain! urgh! we didn’t know it was going to rain! But luckily we met a nice German lady on the train who told us exactly where our Holiday Inn was located and that it wasn’t far away at all. She ran for the bu to go two stops, but Granny and I braved the rain and walked the 200 meters to the hotel. It actually wasn’t that bad. Our bags were a little wet, but we managed to stay dry!
It was already late in the day, so basically we just settled into the room and headed down for an early dinner. There was only one option and luckily it was a fantastic (if not overpriced) restaurant. Granny went for the typical German fare – some type of pork or something with turnips while I went for the gorganzola soaked lasange. We were stuffed and ready to pack!

I spent the next hour or so packing Granny’s bag and then my own and off to bed we went. We were scheduled to leave the hotel at 4:30 a.m., so not much time for anything other than a little snooze!

It was a bit hectic at the airport – we were there super early, but for some reason it took me an hour and a half to check while it only took Granny 30 minutes. She was feeling stressed to go through security, but I told her that once she went through we’d not see each other again. She didn’t believe me, so we just said a quick goodbye. Turned out that was the goodbye. I was feeling all sad about it, but I think it was probably for the best otherwise we probably would have cried!

Empty flights home which was nice. I was welcomed at the airport by Paul and muggy weather. But sort of felt good to be ‘home’. But today I am not a happy camper. I saw online that my air miles were not credited to my account – after an hour of phone calls it seems that it cannot be credited since I bought my flight through airfrance rather than delta directly. so annoying. I have never had this problem before and feel really annoyed that i virtually have to beg for my milage. I have all my boarding passes, but of course Paul doesnt…so not sure how that is going to go down. But I am sick of dealing with it right now.

And to make my mood worse… i just saw that our Bollywood posters that are opposite the couch are growing mold in the glass!! None of our other ones have ever done this, but this one wall leaks water and apparently that is what is causing it. It is really upsetting as these are limited bollywood posters that we had framed ages ago and I love them! I will have to take them to the framer and see if he can do anything. But I’ve avoided taking anything to him during monsoon since his workshop is virtually outdoors and I’m sure he can’t protect them from the humidity. GRRR. And my closets are all moldy and stink. Fun. Why oh why do I like living in this country?!

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