Where has the time gone?

It was brought to my attention last night that I have not updated since the end of March. I have no idea where the time has gone!

Stacie’s leaving party was a huge success.. too big of a success for my comfort level! Haha. There were seriously like a 100 people in my house, drunk and making a mess 🙂 But the house survived and so did I. Amazingly, even having people stand on my couch, it doesn’t show any stains. Yeah!

After Stacie’s party I spent most of my time organizing her last few days before leaving. She had so much to do and was feeling so overwhelmed, so anal organized me took action! haha. It was so sad to see her go, but I know that we’ll continue to be in contact no matter where in the world we live, so I don’t feel such a gap as I might have preinternet and prefacebook. We chat almost daily online and talk on the phone usually once a week at least.

So now life has a new time period – Post Stacie – since then I have mostly kept myself super busy organizing a charity fundraising ball for the American Women’s Group and my friend Hayley’s organization Atma. It’s been fun, but a bit stressful. And I have started working at least 2 to 3 days a week with CORP, which is also no easy feat!

In the meantime two of my friends and their friend came out for a 2 week visit. It was so wonderful having friends here. It’s been so long since we had visitors!! We ran out of time in Mumbai so couldn’t do everything I would have liked here and then spent 4 days in Goa. I was so sad to say goodbye to them, but I hope I gave them a good enough impression of Mumbai to convince them to move here 🙂

And.. the only other development has been looking for a car to buy. I’ve been wanting this guys old Honda City for a year and a half, and only once I was ready to buy another car did he present his car to me again. But turns out his was in much worse shape than the indian brand one i had my eye on. So we decided to go for the not as old and in better shape Indian make car. I’m excited, but first i have to get through all the red tape of transferring it from a diplomatic car to a boring ol regular person’s car! In both of these situations though I got to test drive the cars in Mumbai traffic. Fun. I was a bit scared, but I seemed to melt right into the flow of traffic here and even was told by one of the owners that i really seem like a Bombay driver. Probably not a real compliment.. but i took it as one!!

AND… i got to drive a rickshaw on Sunday night! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to drive a rickshaw here in Mumbai. But first i needed an auto driver who was chatty chatty and seemed cool. Well, we finally found one. As soon as he was starting to get on my nerves with his constant chatter, i realized that he was the one I’d been waiting for! so we told him that we both had 3 wheelers licenses and of course he was shocked, but then super excited saying “test driving”. So he let us drive! Yeah. I went first and did good but stalled, so took that as the sign it was paul’s turn. Paul got to drive a bit and did well too. But of course the auto driver said “madam is best driving”. hahah. And he was so excited that we drove the he offered to come the next sunday as well to let us drive more. He wants us to drive from Bandra to Lokhandwala (not sure why!). I think he wants all his rickshaw buddies to see us driving because he thought that was the best part ever – seeing other people’s reactions. Fun fun.
But now my rickshaw thumb is acting up again. I think i really do have some problem with it.. but i think it’s now called blackberry thumb!

And that is it.. that is the roundup over here. Looking to go somewhere for about a week next week – probably will be Indonesia (Bali) and then I’m thinking a trip to the states for June is in order. Will keep you updated.

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