US Trip Itinerary!

It has taken weeks of checking flights talking to people about what their plans were, etc. But finally we have finalized the whole shebang! We’d already purchased our tickets from BOM-SFO, but then needed to organize 5 domestic flights… not an easy feat, especially around xmas and new years. But we’ve done it! By we, I mean me, of course! And we even managed to get a first class ticket for one of our domestic flights for not so many miles 🙂

The final itinerary:
Dec 22-25: OKC with Mom
Dec 25-28: Ardmore with Granny
Dec 28-31: Tulsa with Stacie
Dec 31 – Jan 4: Chicago with Adam/Angela (Paul’s brother)
Jan 4 – Jan 7: Pittsburg with Grace
Jan 7 – Jan 10: NYC with Lisa/Adam and for Valerie’s Bachlorette party
Jan 10- 12: SF
Jan 12-15: LA (mark, greg, amit, etc)
Jan 15 – 21: SF (Valerie’s wedding, Dad, friends, etc)
This is probably going to be the least relaxing ‘vacation’ ever, but at least we are getting to see a lot of friends that we’ve not seen in a while, see some new cities and just get some time off of work! Now lets just see how many times our bags are lost 😉 no no.. don’t want to jinx ourselves, but that is a lot of flying in a short amount of time. Thankfully we are using our miles for most of it though so it’s not costing as much as it would have! Glad that all these 22,000 mile return trips to the states is giving back somehow.
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