New Start

It has been WAY too long since my last post and instead of trying to rehash everything that has happened in the last year and a half, I think I will just start anew.  As most of you know, we decided to leave India after 8+ years (10 for my husband) when a few things came together at once and it ended up being a pretty quick decision. We raced through the green card process, got the cats ready for their travel and shipped all of our belongings and set off to a new life in America. We started in San Francisco, then to Oakland, then to LA where we have now been settled for the last 8 months. What a transition. I wish I would have written all these months because it was not always easy and I’m sure the information could have been useful to others moving from abroad, but for now I will just focus on life here in LA.

Family portrait, carsland @ California adventure

We are having a great time in LA. We are finding our groove and spend as much of our free time exploring this massive city as we can. We are doing things we never could do in India – going on hikes, playing in parks, going to Disneyland, exploring cultural areas of LA and just being perpetual tourists! But man do I miss the elephants and cows walking along the roads and the totally normal to us, but insane to the rest of the world weekend getaways in palaces and beach huts. Onwards and upwards to new adventures!

I have no idea what this blog will turn into now, but I plan to use it to share about all of our adventures here in LA and wherever life takes us, share about our journey in parenthood and who knows what else!

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