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The road to great sleep

I read an opinion article in the NY Times yesterday that discussed sleep and ADHD. I found it to be quite interesting mostly because it validated one of my long held views of how important sleep is for a healthy person. The article … Continue reading

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To be or not to be…an only child

Lately I have been thinking a lot about being an only child and what it means in today’s world.  Its been on my mind more probably because we seem to get a new announcement every day from friends who had babies … Continue reading

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I finally got around to seeing this movie last night.  I found myself writing down quote after quote because it just felt like they were talking to me, about me or about where my life is right now. “India is … Continue reading

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visas, election, new beginnings

This is a long overdue let me go back to the beginning!We went to Ireland to get a new work visa for folo since the foreign registration office here was sick of giving him extensions. Turns out the Consulate … Continue reading

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4 years in the making..

We moved into this apartment 4 years ago and since that day I have been looking for a book shelf for this one wall… i still haven’t found the ‘one’, but i did finally break down and buy one from … Continue reading

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ramblings of returning to India life.

I got so used to updating when we were in Japan that I want to update now, but don’t really have anything to say! Coming back to India was a bit of culture shock, but I guess I’ve come and … Continue reading

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recap on my US trip

I returned from my 3 week US visit a week ago… home to no internet! The maid nor folo paid the bill while I was away and it took 7 days to get it all sorted and us back online. … Continue reading

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gori beware, holi hai

Foreigners Beware – its holi! The few days before holi tend to be very dangerous on the roads. Kids armed with water balloons are out in full force and bystanders, foreigners especially have to take caution. Every single year since … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Since my boyfriend is Irish, I have to celebrate St Paddy’s day! He’s working as usual, but I am making him his traditional Irish Stew and will have his Guiness waiting at home for him! This year I doubt we’ll … Continue reading

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more censorship

In India all films are censored before they get released, foreign and local alike. Basically it is the morality police who go through the films and decide what is and is not appropriate for adults in India to view. Any … Continue reading

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