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final report on gujarat & my new (5th is it?) maid

I have returned from Gujarat in one peice. The last village I visited, Liya, was the most amazing of them all – the India I know and love. The village was located quite far away and could easily be the … Continue reading

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like a monkey in a zoo

For many months now I have been working on a project that is looking at the effect small businesses have on rural poverty. After months of waiting and working, I am finally at the stage to conduct interviews. And of … Continue reading

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the day after seeing the Dalai Lama I was invited to hear Muhummad Yunus, the current Nobel Peace Prize winner speak. What a week – 2 nobel prize winners. It was really great to hear him speak about how businesses … Continue reading

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his holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am fascinated by the Dalai Lama and all things buddhist/chinese/tibetan. One of my first trips abroad was to China where I fell in love with monks and buddhist temples. When I first came … Continue reading

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