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Birthday – #8

I am a leap year baby. It has always been something of discussion to people when they find out. Always they say “What do you do in years when you don’t have a birthday” — My response – celebrate ALL … Continue reading

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stealing with permission

Since my last post was a complaint, I thought I would post a funny thing about Mumbai. The other night I was at Sea View Hotel with some friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday and watch the sunset over Juhu … Continue reading

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this globalized world we live in

Some days I cannot figure out how the world functions with so many incompetant people running things! So I try to book a flight out of India… it automatically directs me to the “india” website. Fine. I go through all … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

I had a wonderful valentines day. went to a really horrible crap movie (Fools Gold) with some girlfriends, then came home to get ready for my ‘surprise’ dinner. I say surprise in quotes because i was pretty sure that it … Continue reading

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In all my time in Mumbai I have not been as cold as I have been this winter! Its amazing. Really, its absolutely perfect weather. But most people here aren’t used to it and don’t have any way to deal … Continue reading

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silent rants

I haven’t quite gotten around to moving all my old blog posts over – i have until the end of Feb to save them all. HELP! i have no idea how to do it unless i just copy and paste … Continue reading

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