the day after seeing the Dalai Lama I was invited to hear Muhummad Yunus, the current Nobel Peace Prize winner speak. What a week – 2 nobel prize winners. It was really great to hear him speak about how businesses can be built with the poorest of the poor in mind. After all that excitement last week I’ve done very little!
I did start an online cat group to try to bring together cat lovers of Mumbai. My vet keeps telling me that I need to start something for the cats of Mumbai. Amazingly there are no organizations dedicated to the care of stray cats, although there are many for the stray dogs. I think this is due to the fact that cats are hidden much more often and people don’t see them as a menace. But I have a cat eye and somehow manage to find/see cats all over the place! Last week the shop owner across the street said “I have something for you” to which I was terribly puzzled… and then he pulled out a baby kitten that looked just like Ginger Masala! I was worried about what I would do with another kitten… i’m quickly running out of homes to place these little guys in! Luckily the guy who owns the juice shop next door was interested in this little “garam” masala.But this again made me realize that I need to bring together the cat friendly people of the city. I can’t really start a home for cats, so I thought the first step in an eventual organization would be to bring people together online. so far its starting slowly with only 4 members… but I will give out the info to the local vets and pet stores, so hopefully people will join!
My maid quit — again. I must be a monster. well I know why she quit. She ruined 3 new shirts of folo’s (that we just bought in Dubai) and I yelled at her. She said she had never been yelled at before – and I said I had never had a maid ruin clothes before!! And of course, she didn’t come in yesterday. She still has the house key which is a bit worrisome… but hopefully I can get it back soon.
And now, I am off to Gujarat again for work. Not sure if I will have internet or not. Will update you when i return.

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