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I can’t believe its been so long since I last updated. After coming back from our trip I have been swamped at work (both jobs) and have had very little time to myself. And now I am out of town on the start of my 11 day trip to Tamil Nadu (South India) for Dasra. But since i last wrote, i celebrated my 1 yr anniversary for Mumbai Daily Photo. I can’t believe its been going on for only a year! Its a fun task, but sometimes stressfull, especially when I am out of town and have to find other people to post. thank goodness stacie and i seem to have completely opposite travel schedules (well good for MDP, but not good for us finding time to hang out!)
I finally found time for a much needed haircut. got a cute do — its becoming blonde again and now the bottom is dark brown (well for a few days at least until it fades to my normal colour!) Folo also got a much needed haircut. its totally cute and hip.. probably should have taken a photo so we can try for it again in the next 6 months when he decides to cut it again!
besides that.. nothing else has been happening but work work work. and the next 10 days of this trip will be lots of work as well, but is a trip i have been looking forward to for a while. But… The trip didn’t start off too well, but i’m hoping its going to improve as it goes along! On my 6:50 a.m. flight, in which I hoped to sleep as I had only gotten 3 1/2 hrs, i was sitting next to a very large man (not fat necessarily, just large) who took up his entire seat and half of mine. So i was crunched into a weird position the entire flight not able to sleep a wink. Finally got off the flight to sit in traffic for 2 hours to try to reach my destination — it was boiling hot and i had no water or anything. But i made it and asked for some water at the hotel only to find out that they do not keep any beverages on site and their “errand” boy was gone for the day. grr… and the room’s ac doesn’t really work, nor do the lights AND to top it all off, there are no English tv channels!! haha.
But the reason i’m here is to participate in a review of community exchanges (where one community teaches another community some skill). It is all in Tamil (the local language), so i’ve not picked up much, but when I have its been interesting.
Tomorrow will be another long day — conference for the first half of the day then a 6 hr train ride followed by a 2 hr car ride. It seems that everyday I will be moving around quite a bit, but I hope to be able to find some time to take photos. so far i’ve not had the time, but perhaps i will when i’m in the rural areas. I really need to come to tamil nadu on my own some time so i can take photos.. there seem to be interesting photos everywhere!

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