Happy Valentines Day!

I had a wonderful valentines day. went to a really horrible crap movie (Fools Gold) with some girlfriends, then came home to get ready for my ‘surprise’ dinner. I say surprise in quotes because i was pretty sure that it was going to be at the place I wanted, but folo wouldn’t tell me where exactly!

Folo came home with roses which was very nice. and another special gift— a necklace to match my earrings he got me a few xmas’s ago. I’d been eyeing that necklace for a while, so was very happy to get it! Then went to our nice dinner ALL the way in town – took us over 1 1/2 hrs to get there! Thai food that is authentic and excellent! Came home stuffed and happy.

Now i am back to regular programming… scheduling myself a trip to to Chennai for a counselling workshop for working with children. Should be interesting and hopefully I learn some stuff. All of this is in preparation for a potential programme we are hoping to start with HIV affected children in Mumbai. More to come on that as plans are more in place.

And tonight I am attending a “girls night” where i will be taking homemade tortilla chips, 7 layer dip and ranch dip! fun filled night of eating fatty foods and gossiping 🙂

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