recap on my US trip

I returned from my 3 week US visit a week ago… home to no internet! The maid nor folo paid the bill while I was away and it took 7 days to get it all sorted and us back online. GRR!

My trip to the US was short and a bit rushed, but I managed to see quite a few people and enjoy my time there. I landed in SF and got my bearings before heading to LA for a weekend for a high school friend’s wedding. A total reunion that left me emotional and wondering what I am doing living all the way across the world. Nostalgia can creep up on you quickly, but then goes away just as fast!

Then in SF for 5 days to shop til I dropped. I had little time in SF compared to my normal trips, so I had to cram in a year’s worth of shopping in only a few days. I shopped til I couldn’t walk anymore, but didn’t end up getting as much as I would have liked! Spent a good deal of time with my cousin and her kids and just a few friends in SF that I always miss a ton while in India.

Then off to Oklahoma to see the family. My mom has moved to Oklahoma City which I must say is a lot more energizing then Ponca City! We didn’t do much, but it was still better to be in a big(ish) city! Then to Southern Oklahoma for more family. I saw a cousin of mine that I’ve not seen in probably 10+ yrs! She’s now all grown up!

And then my final leg of the tour.. Dallas. It was quick as I had tons of errands to run (i.e. taxes!), but during my short stay there I found a house that I wanted to buy! We followed up on it over the last two weeks, but seems that 6 other offers were put in and it is now looking doubtful that we’ll even have a chance to bid on it. 🙁 But it was probably meant to be. But it got us energized about buying property and we’ll definitely keep looking now – all over the world.

Returning home was good, but it is hot and humid!! I’ve hardly left the house since returning – not that that really helps shield me from the weather. And now I am busy planning our holiday to Japan. (We originally had planned to go to Cuba, but it just wasn’t too enticing to do another 25,000 mile flight nor fighting with the bureaucracy of getting in/out!) Japan is a bit overwhelming though — so much to see, even with 3 weeks! And of course prices of hotels is a bit discouraging — our first night we will be staying in a traditional guesthouse (mats on the floor) with shared bath for 100 USD a night!! But keep up with the blog as we hope to update from there often – we leave on May 3rd, returning on the 24th of May. Til then…

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