countdown and final preparations!

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am still trying to figure out what to pack, making final adjustments to our itinerary and sorting out issues here in Mumbai (bills, etc).

I’m really excited. It feels like its been ages since we’ve actually done a ‘backpacking’ trip! And besides going to the US or Ireland this will be Folo and I’s longest trip together. Lets hope we survive it 🙂

Our itinerary as it stands for the moment:
May 3rd – leave Mumbai and sit and wait for next flight in Singapore
May 4th – arrive Kyoto
May 5-9th – Kyoto
May 9th – Nara
May 10th – Koya san – Stay in a buddhist temple
May 11th – Himeji (Castle stop over)/ Hiroshima
May 12-13th – Hiroshima
May 13-15th – Takayama
May 15-17th – Nagano
May 17 -18th – Hakone (See Mt Fuji – hopefully it peaks it’s nose out!)
May 19-24th – Tokyo

We should have internet access most of the time and will hopefully be updating on a regular basis. Hope you all have a lovely May – see you at the end!

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