shopping continued…

Again we had a lazy morning. I think folo is getting worn out with all these early mornings and going going all day like the duracell bunny! I was up and ready, but it took ages for me to get him to roll out of bed.

Since there is construction going on at our building they have the windows covered so we have no idea what the weather is until we get out of the hotel. Once out we saw that it was nice and sunny so we decided to head over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Building where there are free observatories on the 45th floors. It was quite a walk from the station, but it was all underground! I love it.. When you are underground you don’t feel like it’s such a long walk for some reason. And it didn’t hurt that on the way there we had ‘moving walk’ paths!

Unfortunately even though it looked clear to us on the ground it was quite hazy and the view wasn’t so great. We had hoped we might be able to see Mt Fuji from here. No such luck. But we did enjoy playing with all sorts of toys they had in the shop there!

Now it was time for shopping! I’d heard about this Manga shop that had cool shirts, so we went to find it. Paul hit gold there. He bought 11 t-shirts! Add that to his 3 yesterday and he has an entire new wardrobe. And the shirts were only 15 dollars. He’s still on the lookout for more though. Since it is all he wears, its good to get as many as he can since he can never find any in India. With a massive heavy bag we decided to head back to the hotel to dump our stuff before heading back out. Before going home we stopped at the grocery and got cheese and bread for our lunch. Gotta stock up on our western goodies that we can’t get in bombay.

Heading back out, we decided to just potter around our neighborhood of Shibuya to see what was going on here. I had heard about this shop called Tokyu Hands the “creative life shop” so we found our way there. It wasn’t quite what I had thought it would be, but somehow we had fun in there anyhow! The health and beauty section was hilarious. There were nose pinchers to make your nose skinnier, all sorts of celulite creams, wraps, etc and all types of machines that we couldn’t quite figure out! But they did have little dvd players showing descriptions of products on a lot of aisles which was pretty cool. So funny that we can spend ages in a beauty section!

Then we doodled around this area called “Love hotel hill”. Basically they are pay by the hour hotels, but not seedy kinds for prostitutes. More for couples who have no privacy at their homes. There are all different types – carribean themed, luxury, etc. They actually looked pretty nice! for a “rest” it averaged about 45 dollars and to stay the night it was about 75 USD. I’ve heard though that you can’t check in for the night until 11, so they can make maximum profits on the hourly charges! It was a cute area actually and it is also where all the indie rock clubs were. We had wanted to check out a few gigs, but seeing the price tag of 65 USD+ we decided we’d just search out more free sidewalk performers!

And next we found a conveyor belt sushi place again, so we had dinner there. Not as good for me as the one in Kyoto, but I think folo loved it – 1.15 USD per plate and fresh fish!

Full but still full of energy we headed out to this bar called the Pink Cow that I had read about. It is basically an expat bar. It was stand up comedy night and packed with all foreigners! It was a bit intimidating to go in with all those whiteys! We stayed for a bit, but then headed home to try out our new bath salts we bought. One seemed to say that it made the water even hotter and would make you sweat like crazy to loose weight! haha. It did make it pretty hot and make you all tingly, but doubt I lost a pound! Tomorrow I have a muscle ache one to try out.

No idea what our next two days will bring. We kind of feel like we should do more cultural sites here, but at the same time we have seen plenty of temples and have already done the two big things on our list here – Sumo and the fish market, so we might just keep shopping and doodling around neighborhoods. It’s kind of nice not feeling like we have to run around to see things but can wander aimlessly and happen upon things as we do.

I want to buy some more leggings, knee highs and tights! it’s so in fashion here which I love. Seriously like 3 out of 5 girls have one of the above on. Now i just have to find the cool ones! til tomorrow…

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