4 years in the making..

We moved into this apartment 4 years ago and since that day I have been looking for a book shelf for this one wall… i still haven’t found the ‘one’, but i did finally break down and buy one from Argos that is acceptable. We didn’t want to wait for the guys to come and assemble it, so we did it ourselves without the aid of a screwdriver.. its a bit wobbly, so please don’t lean on it!

the cats love it. my other bookshelf loves it. and now i wait for the second half of my delivery today so i can almost finish the living room.

and you know what.. i’ll be finished with this room probably just in time for us to have to change apartments in Sept! haha. thats about how it is for me. i’d still like a new lamp, a small green dhurri (carpet) and to have my pictures hung on the wall rather than leaning against them!

oh and monsoon is back. i’ve been waiting patiently for it, but now that its back, i’m not sure i like this! i need some water proof shoes that cover my toes!

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