time for a move??

We’ve been in the same apartment for 4 years now and I am so sick of it. I love it in many ways, but coming back from Europe to house that smells of mold was not fun. we have little hope that our landlords would actually do anything to fix this place up and so we’ve been on the hunt again for a new apartment. I actually was looking before my trip as well, but not much had come up.

Then my broker told me about this new building down the street from where we are now. It is still under construction, i can see it from our window. usually one of my rules is that we won’t move into a building under construction because it goes on forever and ever in Mumbai. No project ever finishes when they say it will. But with the absolute lack of options this is the only one that feels like it could be home.

It actually looks remarkably similar to a friend’s past apartment. It’s a 3 bedroom, but the bedrooms are quite small. the positive.. the showers are amazing. like real proper showers, with fancy showerheads and full body massagers!

my old ‘criteria’ was: bathtub and balconies.
now my new criteria: separate shower area, balcony (safe for cats), and big enough bed/living room to fit our furniture!

the bed just fits in this bedroom. the living room is a good size and would allow paul the ability to get his flat screen tv and surround sound he’s been wanting. but i’m super indecisive. i’ve seen the place like 10 times already, measured everything from here and there and still can’t feel 100%. maybe it’s just the thought of change… but how much change would it be – its in the same neighborhood, it’s a high floor, has balconies, still has a tiny sea view and would give us space to grow….

its now in the hands of folo’s work, so we’ll see if the owners accept an offer or not. either way we need to move soon since our trip to the US/Ireland has been moved up a few weeks!

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