quiet day in the neighborhood

Last night I went with my friends to a party in Colaba, a few streets from the Taj. As soon as we got off the main road on the sea right before the Oberoi/Trident, the roads were absolutely empty. Friday night in Mumbai and the roads are dead quiet. It was crazy to see. Even though it feels that Bandra is pretty much back to normal, I guess life really isn’t back to normal. I haven’t been out of the house or the neighborhood much at all for the last week due to the move and dealing with issues/workers/etc at the new apartment.

It was really eerie down there though with it so quiet. All of the roads around the Taj are still blocked and closed, the Oberoi was all dark and people were no where to be seen. The party itself was even this way.. very subdued. People were leaving and heading home by 11 pm. Most parties in Mumbai don’t even kick off until then! On the way home, the roads were busier – only because the celebrations/mourning for Dr. Ambedkar had begun. People were lined up for kilometers near Shivaji park to pay their respects to Dr. Ambedkar.

Besides that though, no one was out. The normally bustling and busy Bandra was quiet and empty. It could be still from last week’s attacks or the many warnings being put out about attacks this weekend. Today, Dec 6th is the anniversary of the destruction of a muslim temple in North India, so it is always a tense day and it also is the birthday of Dr. Ambedkar.

We are out and about today trying to buy a few items for our new flat.. dining table, sheets, rugs, etc. we’ll see how it goes.

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