We have just returned from our one week ‘babymoon’ holiday. Of course we waited until the absolute last minute to plan it and book it, but as it happens, it worked out well. Originally we had wanted to go to Berlin, but I just didn’t think I could handle such a long flight again and boy was I right! So instead we focused on trying to find somewhere around India. And what better place than the Maldives! We couldn’t afford a whole week there, and were afraid we’d get too bored sitting on the beach and the return connection was really bad (12 hr wait) so we decided to tag on a few days in Colombo on the way back to Mumbai.
The good…we booked our hotel through this place called Atoll Paradise which ended up being a fantastic option. They are located in the Maldives, so actually know the resorts personally. And they are quick and efficient over email (which our previous travel agent was not!). And the best was that they were there to meet us at the airport on our arrival, and guide us through every step until we stepped off the final boat at the resort. And amazingly, they were also there on our return to do the same. It was really a 5 star experience having them look after us so well. I don’t know that we got our room any cheaper, but just having this little bit of additional service was nice.
The bad… our flight leaving to the Maldives was at 3:30 in the morning, which meant a night of no sleep.. which is never good for me. I was already vomiting before taking off from Mumbai and then started having severe stomach cramps. I didn’t really know what the cramps were until we got to Sri Lanka and i had the runs… uh oh! And a 5 hour wait in the airport didn’t help matters. I just found a few chairs and laid down and slept for a good 1.5 hrs straight which seemed to help, but the cramps continued. 🙁
But then we got to Male and were quickly ushered to a bus which then took us to our sea plane. The one thing I can say is that the Sri Lankans and the Maldivians are very caring and thoughtful of a big ol pregnant lady! They all took such good care of me. We were tired, but so excited to finally see the Maldives from the air – beautiful turquoise waters, clear blue skies, heaven!

The views from the sea plane were amazing – just look at those colors! the baby wasn’t so happy with the sea plane ride though – it was loud, but smooth and the little one was kicking away!
Then we got to the resort – it was beautiful. I was worried that I would be very picky about it since it wasn’t the most ‘luxurious’ hotel on the list – it was still expensive, but happened to be all inclusive which we thought would be better for me and my need to eat 6 times a day! And thankfully, the resort did not disappoint. Our room was a water villa, perched above the lagoon and just beautiful. At the entrance we had a big glass floor so that we could see the fish swim under the villa, then on either side were doors – one to a massive bathroom and one to a bedroom/sitting area – both connected outside by our private deck.

Outside we had a good size jacuzzi/plunge pool, which was actually a bit unexpected. We knew there was a jacuzzi, but didn’t know that it would be so large and big enough to take care of our needs for a private pool! And of course the view from the deck was beautiful. Yeah!! And the best part is that everything was included. All alcohol for Paul and all food/drinks for me! So the mini bar was a own private fridge which was great and we could eat at any of the cafe’s during the day between the designated meal times.
The snorkeling was great. It probably would have been good to go on a snorkel trip, one was included in our stay, but I just didn’t think I could manage out on a boat for 3-4 hours without food and/or a restroom, so instead we just snorkeled off the island which was good enough for us. We even saw a massive stingray that kept me a little fearful for the rest of the day – i always worried that he’d be under my feet when i went to step down. Luckily Paul didn’t step on him… he never even knew to look out for these things! Even though that didn’t hurt paul, he did have a few other injuries… coral on one of his outings cut up his knee and a big cut on his wrist and massive bruise on his rear from falling down our private stair leading to the water. I didn’t witness it.. but I probably would have been scared or cracking up laughing! Poor thing!!
After a beautiful and wonderful few days on our island paradise it was time to leave. Shockingly we weren’t bored and could have stayed a few days longer actually. And we probably should have! The only bad thing is that even with all of the food options, I still struggled to eat at meal times. I think I have figured it out though – it’s the buffet setting. I just can’t handle all of the smells and choices. I need to be away from the smells and then just have a few things to choose from! But I did manage to eat ok – i ate fish for lunch every day and managed to find something, even if it was from the kids buffet for dinner!
Our arrival to Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo was nothing great – no 5 star service anymore and man did that suck! haha. We waited in line for a taxi to be told that it was only for Sri Lankan people – foreigners could not use it. You can only imagine how mad that made me! Then we arrived to our “5 star” hotel the Hilton – major disappointment. It was like we were time warped into 1970. Urgh. Specially after such a beautiful room in the Maldives.. this was a major let down.
And colombo just didn’t seem so great. We had planned one day for site seeing, one day drive out to the elephant orphanage and then another day for shopping and pottering around. Not sure what we thought we’d do with our 4th day! But once we got there, we were exhausted and disappointed in the room, so we just took a nap on the insanely hard bed. (I had to ask for 8 pillows to make myself a little fortress so that I could actually sleep at night!!). So already on our first day/night we were not too pleased. The next day didn’t add much to our happiness either. We saw all the sites, ate at a good foreigners hangout cafe and then again went back to the hotel. It was at this point that we decided that maybe it was best to go home early. There was no way I could manage going to the elephant orphanage – it was a 4 hr drive each way, so with nothing left to do we changed our flights to leave the following evening.
We just pottered around our last day and waited for our midnight flight. And of course.. by the time midnight rolled around, I was vomiting again. Urgh. At least I know it’s mostly do to lack of sleep and messing up my food schedule. But the bad thing was that it lasted the entire flight home and even after we got home. My throat was so sore from all the sickness. Urgh. But there were empty seats at the back, so I managed to lay down for a bit and stretch my legs which was nice.
And then home sweet home.. after my re-entry to Mumbai this last time, I wasn’t sure I would ever be happy to be back here, but I sure was after a few boring days in Colombo!! haha. The Maldives though were amazing and we do hope to make it back again some day with the little one.
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