the rains

Today I was taking a little nap in the afternoon, trying to take advantage of my free day when I woke up to look outside one of my windows to a dark meanacing black cloud. the other window it was still bright and blue. I got so excited – the rains are coming! In the past few years I have been waiting for the rain to cool us down, but this year it didn’t feel as oppressive as years past, so this time it was just pure excitement. I feel like a kid again getting excited over the rain – but when you don’t see if for 9 months out of the year, it is exciting.
You can hear the buzz on the streets below, people running for shelter as the gusts of wind brings in dirt, dust and debris before the first drops of rain. All of the birds filling the sky as the rain scares them out of their trees. The children playing cricket below who start screaming with delight and then you know the rain has come. Luckily i can walk from room to room and see the progress of the rain from 3 sides – North, East and West.
So now I will enjoy this one day of rain where I don’t have to go out and get wet, but rather can sit inside dry watching and listening to the new season emerge.

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