this weekend folo and i decided to finally try this restuarant Pure located at the Taj Lands End in Bandra. It boasts of all organic foods. We knew it would be a bit pricey, but thought we should try it anyhow. The food, service and ambiance were fantastic and of course you paid for it all!
i don’t think i have ever eaten at a restaurant that actually achieves the aim of making the customer feel special and like it’s all there just for you! This one did it!
we sat down, and slowly went through the myriad of choices – plenty of veg and non veg options which was nice to see. we chose our starters (asian pear salad with blue cheese and avacado and red lettuce with 12 yr old balsalmic), mains (tenderloin, mashed potatoes with parmesan and black pepper with real steak sauce for folo and pumpkin and sage gnocci for me) and sides (spicy spinach with rasins and pine nuts and wild roasted mushrooms).
before our food came, the waiter brought out some cucumber/melon (?) soup type dish to cleanse our palate. very yummy! then he brought out toasted focaccia with a lentil dip. and then came our food. excellent.
and then the waiter decided to bring me a special drink – it had alcohol in it, so i turned it down, but he soon returned with another drink that I could have!
and finally we ordered cheese cake for dessert — not american style, but still quite good. And of course the chef had to send out something special again – a creme brule with cardomon!
wow. it was really a fantastic meal – all the little extras, including 2 bottles of water and then to top it off I was handed a rose as we left. This place really succeeded at making its guests feel special.
The price tag was high – probably the most expensive meal i can remember ever having, but it was definitely an experience. I am not sure if we will be back too soon, but hopefully again someday as the food was delish!

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