stealing with permission

Since my last post was a complaint, I thought I would post a funny thing about Mumbai.

The other night I was at Sea View Hotel with some friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday and watch the sunset over Juhu Beach. While there I was telling my friends how I loved getting glasses from different places – have one from the Jameson Distillery in Dublin and Whelans in Dublin and that the “Sea View” mug would go great in the collection. Stacie also said how she’d like one.

So we thought.. ok, we can slide one of these into our bags when we are ready to leave – no problem! But then M calls the waiter over and asks for two new glasses. We think our plan must be foiled at this point… then M asks the waiter how much it would be to buy these glasses. The waiter tells him “No problem, just take it, but quietly”. haha. So we were given permission to steal the Sea View Hotel imprinted mugs!

Perhaps this happens in other places, but i feel like only in bombay if you ask to buy something will they tell you just to take it for free! Now I need to make at least 3 more trips there to get a collection of 4!

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