Birthday – #8

I am a leap year baby. It has always been something of discussion to people when they find out. Always they say “What do you do in years when you don’t have a birthday” — My response – celebrate ALL week!! Haha. But it is hard not having an actual birth day 3 out of 4 years. When people call to say happy birthday on either the 28th of Feb or the 1st of March, I often reply “thanks, but its not really my birthday”. I’m not sure why it is such an issue with me.

But this year was a real one. I was looking forward to it, but also stressing out about it. Everyone else feels that it is so special, so I also begin to believe that it should be that way. But then I wonder what to do to make it really memorable! And then to add more stress on top, my last real birthday was amazing. Several friends who are in bands came together and played a special show for me and all my friends. I was surrounded by tons of great people who really made me feel special and loved. That was my last birthday in America….

So this year I gave the planning to Folo. He doesn’t like to plan typically and doesn’t usually have to because I love to do it. But i was confused and not sure what we should do. And he didn’t have the ability to take off more than just my actual birthday, so we couldn’t run off to some far off destination like we would normally. But thankfully my friends stepped in to help him out and I ended up having a wonderful birthday!

The birthday run down:

  • Breakfast at the JW Marriott – stuffed ourselves with bacon, real bread and cheese and other goodies
  • Death at a Funeral – we were at breakfast and saw that this movie was playing down the street in just 15 minutes, so we high tailed it over to catch it. Funniest movie I have seen in forever. I laughed so hard!
  • The Lives of Others – another movie, one that was originally on our plans. An excellent film that must be seen!
  • Small resting between events… but i wasn’t aware of what was coming and didn’t realize it was only a short rest!
  • Surprise visit by friends — bringing homemade birthday cake, balloons, party hats, fake spray snow and presents!
  • Dinner at one of my favorite Thai restuarants — driven in an AC car hired for the night. good planning, so we didn’t have to navigate and deal with taxi drivers all night!
  • Bauchklang @ the blue frog – a new music venue that is amazing was hosting a band from Austria that was equally amazing. Check them out. Totally blew my mind. And was surrounded by really great friends who I realize make my life here what it is.

And then to top off the whole day, we got home to an email from The Adventurists saying that we had been chosen to participate in the 2009 Winter Rickshaw Run!!! They only opened registration for 24 hrs beginning on the 28th and ending on my bday. 70 teams were selected and I was one of them! YEAH! I never have won anything – no drawing, no raffle, nothing! So i feel that it was meant to be. Now we have to pay the fee to secure our place — but now I am feeling a bit scared about it. They say that you seriously take your life into your hands by doing this.. it is not something to be undertaken lightly… and i know what they mean.. i’ve seen how people drive here! But we’ll pay the entry fee and give it some more thought.. we have 28 days before we have to fully fully commit!!!

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