ramblings of returning to India life.

I got so used to updating when we were in Japan that I want to update now, but don’t really have anything to say!

Coming back to India was a bit of culture shock, but I guess I’ve come and gone so many times that it doesn’t take much to get back into the swing of things. The biggest barrier I am facing at the moment is the heat and humidity! It is 100x worse than it was when I left. I usually have a policy of not leaving India during the build up to monsoon season only because if you get used to the humidity gradually it doesn’t seem to feel as bad. But I have utterly failed at that this year with all of my trips. But I am adjusting ok.. 4 days into it and I am starting to feel a bit better about having to wash my face 5 times a day and just being covered in a greasy slime when not in the AC!

The first day back we went to the grocery store to pick up some items for dinner and I was already ready to call it quits here! After the politeness of Japan I just wasn’t ready for the push and shove mentality of India. I mean.. Tokyo had a ton of people, but I don’t think I was pushed or shoved once – even when getting on the trains at rush hour! But here.. I can barely look at the vegetables in the grocery store without being pushed aside and being told that i am blocking the ‘view’. Uh.. hello… wasn’t I just looking at the veggies?!? Shouldn’t you just wait your turn? I got so irritated I just walked away and waited until this one rude lady was gone before resuming my veg shopping!

Besides that though.. things have been fine. We broke down yesterday and bought the Nintendo Wii. We have been wanting this for a while, but somehow I never have room in my suitcase when I am in the US and we just couldn’t decide on it in Japan. So we had to pay double the price, but at least we have it now. And man are we obsessed! My right arm and shoulder is in serious pain after just one night/day of play. I even had to start bowling with my left hand – luckily I am a little ambidextrous 😉

And that is all from here… looking to help out a bit possibly with the American Women’s Newsletter. Somehow I have been bubbling with ideas. I always seem to have ideas, but I don’t always have the stamina to see them through – so hopefully with some positive encouragement and pushing from the new editor of the newsletter I’ll get some stuff put in!

Stacie and Janikka are both out of town at the moment… so I am feeling a bit alone! Luckily Folo hasn’t resumed his insane work schedule so he’s been able to hang out much more which is nice.

For now, my days seem to be filled with Wii, editing photos from Japan, returning emails, catching up with blogs and doing some research on prostitute’s health and health of their children (for a possible study that is coming to India). Will try to update more often if I have anything useful to say.

Oh.. and the sky in Mumbai has been excellent since our return. Big blue skies with nice fluffy white clouds. I love it. It just makes it feel so much lighter, cleaner and lovely – especially at sunset!

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