You forget living in Mumbai that weather changes on a daily basis in many parts of the world. Here we only get weather changes a few times a year and it’s always so exciting and dramatic! Tonight I am sitting with all the windows open (which I’ve not done much since coming back from Japan as it’s too hot!) letting the wind whip through the apartment, watching the lightening and listening for the thunder. And whoooho! it’s started to rain! It’s seriously one of the most exciting days in India – the arrival of the monsoon! You can hear people cheering and screaming with delight outside even though it’s after 9 pm.

Today felt a bit different. We no longer had the big blue skies with white fluffy clouds – instead it was replaced with a very heavy feeling and very little sun. I went out for a bit this afternoon and took my umbrella as I just felt that it was coming soon.

Not sure that this is really the true beginning of monsoon. We often get a few false starts before it really starts in it’s 3 month long deluge, but it’ll be nice for as long as it lasts before the heat swells again and we anxiously await another downpour!

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