loving it…

i’m loving these pre-monsoon thunderstorms and showers. today it rained in the middle of the day for about 4 minutes – but it was wonderful watching the rain sweep over Bandra starting with Mt Mary. I could see it coming.. Paul didn’t believe me – I said it’ll be here in less than a minute and it was!

Then the sun came out and gave some beautiful skies. And now it’s raining again and thundering. I have the windows open, listening to the kids downstairs scream everytime it thunders. I really do love it. I talk about monsoon all year long, but then as it’s approaching I wonder why I like it… this is what I like. The pre-monsoon showers, the excitment, the cooldown. I don’t so much like the middle of monsoon when your clothes won’t dry for days on end, and nothing you own smells clean! But i’ve got a while before then, so I’m enjoy it for now!

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