sans internet

I am officially without internet and must rely on the kindness of people! I am at a local English language bookshop in my neighborhood using theirs. it is not easy though as the german keyboard is a bit different! but i am managing.

quick update, mostly so i dont forget.

went to ikea yesterday and bought some curtains for india. then went home for a nap. later met up with the gang in prenzlauberg for tea and then falafel. thought it would be a quiet night, but then we ended up going out to Tacheles. here is the photo from 8 years ago when i visited. it is now a ton of cafes and bars, but still looks pretty much the same outside. we hung out there for a while until it was time to go back and pack up folo for the airport.

today i have done almost nothing. cleaned the apartment and then went to do laundry. i managed to figure out the laundry machines and then even was showing other foreigners how to do it! typical me…or rainman me as andys brother calls me! he was all chatty cathy with me until i said i had a boyfriend and then this guz wouldnt even look at me. weirdo. and he was juggling in the laundrymat.

then off to rest and do some grocery shopping. not too eventful. but berlin is mellow in the day so who knows what i’ll get up to tonight!
Granny arrives in the a.m…. more updates later.

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