Yesterday we had a slow day again, but managed to do some stuff. We went over to Andy & Anja’s to drop our gifts and then ended up having some breakfast there as more and more people began arriving. Then we headed off with Andy’s brother and sister to see some sights. We did a boat cruise down one of the canals. It was ok… the speaker was annoying because we could never understand her English or German! But it was relaxing and we got to see stuff we would go back to later.

Then off to the East Side Gallery – this is the longest stretch of the former Berlin Wall. It has been filled with grafitti and art. After all of our walking around, we headed back to the apartment for a little rest. this turned out to be bad – we ended up going to sleep and staying in the rest of the night! I think we probably needed it though. I did some organizing of the suitcases since Paul leaves on Tue and he watched tv. Feels like home already 🙂

Today we went to Ikea and bought a few things to take back to India. Now we are resting before Paul’s final night out in Berlin. I will be without computer for the next few weeks, so probably won’t update too often. I’ll try to get a notebook though so I can remember to write things down and transcribe them later.

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