welcome to STP – 1/2 of day 1!

Today we rode the bus from Pscov to St Petersburg. It took about 5 hours, but really wasn’t so bad since it seemed that most of us seemed to sleep the entire journey. Although we did have to stop a few times so our guide from the day before could buy wild mushrooms on the roadside. Strange. And they were very odd mushrooms – yellow and long.

Arrived to STP just in time to have a quick lunch which turned into a nightmare for most people. Half the group ordered Chicken Kiev only to find that it was still raw. People were freaking out.. but managed to get some food anyhow. We ate quickly and then went back to the room to freshen up for the evening’s ballet performance.

I had planned to wear this new dress that Granny had bought me in Berlin. I’d been saving it all the trip so far. In our room, we only had one small mirror, so I wanted to get up on a chair so I could see myself fully. Big mistake! I got on the chair, had a quick look before completly crashing off the chair onto the floor. I hurt my leg really bad and had a slight sting in the wrist and ribcage. Not good at all. But I had to act not too hurt since the look on Granny’s face made me think she might have a heart attack right there!! I knew nothing was broken, but that my leg was going to be seriously bruised.

I finished getting ready and wobbled on downstairs for the ballet. No one quite believed me when I said my leg was swollen and bruised. But by the time we got to the ballet and I went to the restroom my entire upper thigh was black and blue. 🙁

Anyhow.. the ballet was interesting. I am pretty sure this was my first ballet. The building wasn’t so fabulous, but we tried to overlook that and the fact that we had seats way in the back. I have to say that I wasn’t so impressed with it. I felt that the ladies were a bit out of time with one another and they didn’t seem to go with the music much. The first set was 1 hr, followed by a 30 minute set and then a 15 minute set. The last two set’s were much better and got us much more into the performance. I could have seriously slept through the first set though!

We were all starving afterwards, but our bus driver didn’t understand a word we were saying or else he just kept ignoring our pleas to go to McDonalds! haha. But I guess it was for the best – we needed to get to bed for our big tour of St Petersburg the following morning.

Sleeping was not easy with my leg hurting so badly, but i somehow managed to stay on my back the entire night rather than tossing and turning like usual!

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