full of plans…short on action!

We’ve come up with a new plan… I think we have realized how difficult it would be to just “leave” leave india. So instead we concocted a new plan that might help us make a decision! The plan at the moment…

My job finishes at the end of June or July, so we can both take 3 months off and head to Europe. We’ll use Berlin as our base, see if we find a place to buy, visit with friends and family in Europe, do a little travel maybe to Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, who knows. But just generally chill out and enjoy some down time. I get plenty of downtime, but Paul has been working non-stop for the last gazillion years, and by then 9 of which will have been here in India, so he needs a break.
Hopefully his job will let him have the 3 months off and then we just have to figure out what to do with the cats for 3 months and then we’ll be off. I’m already looking forward to it even though its still ages away.
Our thought is that perhaps having some time away from India will help us get out of the day in, day out rut and see clearly about whether we want to stay longer or if we are ready to call it quits. Of course Paul could always get a job here again if we changed our minds, but it isn’t too likely he’d get the same financial package as he’s on now..so we must think long and hard about what it is we really want to do.
So there ya have it… so if you have been hankering to go to Europe, come for a visit at the end of next summer 🙂
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