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So, the other day i got word through informal channels that all foreigners on business visas needed to leave the country by the 31st of Oct. I found this out only bc a friend’s company had become aware of it when their employees were unable to register at the foreign registration office. I am not registered on this visa there because I leave every 6 months.

So now all (or a lot) of the foreigners here are in total panic mode. No one knows what to do. the embassy isn’t really helping, they are aware of the change in business visa rules, but say that it is up to the Indian govt to enforce this and they don’t know anything and can’t do anything. Meanwhile, we are all being directed to the FRRO (foreign regional registration office). Paul has been down there the last 3 days all day to get his employment visa renewed. So far.. he still doesn’t have it renewed. It expires tomorrow. So who knows we both might be on planes tomorrow leaving the country.
And in the meantime I have applied for a renewal of my passport – they did not take my old passport as yet, so i could go back home and then see if the US would forward my new passport to me there or if India would let me back in on my soon to be expiring passport… doubtful though.
grr.. so stressed and confused. my work has been great though and are willing to give me whatever i need to get the situation sorted. so the question is, do i go back home on sat and wait for a new passport and get a new visa or just ignore all of it and hope i can get back into the country later?!
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