where does the time go?!

I don’t know how I cannot seem to stay up to date on this blog! I think having a baby is one way, but I mean really, I have full time household help, so I’m not doing the cleaning, but still I can’t find the time??!? haha Baby bear keeps me busy busy!

A short quick recap – We went to Ireland for xmas. It was COLD and we had no water. I fell down the stairs and bounced off my tailbone, which still hurts a month later. I was sick. Cian was sick. Joanne & Mark did not have their baby while we were there. And then we left.
We then went to the US. Paul was only there for 8 days, which we spent seeing as many people as we could and shopping to fill up his 2 empty suitcases. Then he left me and C and headed back to India. Me and C ventured on our first plane ride together alone to Dallas. It wasn’t his best flight, but he still barely made a peep! And then spent a week showing the little dude off to the family. Loved it. It wasn’t stressful and I actually got a little bit of downtime!
Then back to SF for a quick little break before heading back to India on the monstrous 27 hr flight. Before leaving we got some professional photos done of Cian. Adorable! Seriously I could stare at them all day long, even with him sitting next to me!

Anyhow.. the flight home – Thankfully we were in business class, so it actually wasn’t too bad. C was a gem as usual – everyone loved him on all the flights, even the grumpy business class men who were not happy to see a newborn baby up front 😉 haha.
And then back to India and massive jetlag! sheesh.. i didn’t even think about how bad it would be for the little dude. but after a week we are good as gold and even have managed to get him to sleep almost full nights. Its not the whole night, but I tell you it feels like it! He goes to bed around 5 pm and sleeps til around midnight. Paul then gives him a pacifier and checks his diaper and then right back to sleep he goes until around 4 when he wants to eat. Then a quick little snooze til 6 and then we are up. Sometimes I go to bed shortly after C does so I wake up feeling super refreshed!
I really wish I would have written more at the beginning about all the emotions, etc, but I just didn’t have time. But thinking back on it and seeing other friends with their newborns I really realize how great we had it. Granted, we had some tough days, but for the most part I found it all so easy and natural. But I see friends who never had much experience with babies really struggling in their first few weeks. Or maybe it was because we were in the hospital for the first 8 days of his life and got to ease into things a bit more? Not sure. But for me I didn’t find it SO difficult – Paul might disagree though and say he found it much harder.
But we did have our problems at the beginning. I would be a snapping turtle at times out of exhaustion and frustration, but usually folo handled it in stride and just let it roll off his back (thank goodness!). But 4 months into it all, I feel like our communication is much much stronger and that we are finding a better groove (as much as you can when paul has no real defined work schedule).
I’m even starting to think that maybe I need to pump more milk to keep in the freezer so I can leave Cian more when Paul unexpectedly has the day off. I just need to figure out the best time of day to do it.
I need a massage. I need a manicure/pedicure.
And since C is 4 months and we’ve recovered from jetlag, I am not preparing to do the Cry It Out method to get him to sleep on his own. Today we did it for his nap. He woke up after only 45 mintues, so we let him fuss for 15 minutes before going in. Then we just calmed him down and put him back down and he slept for another hour! (unheard of!) And now it’s his bedtime. I put him down awake and planned to go in after 15 minutes if he was still up and/or crying. I heard him fussing around for a bit, but then he just drifted off to sleep (i think!). So perhaps it won’t be so bad with C…he’s so good in so many aspects… i just worry this means he’s going to be a terror for a toddler 🙂
the quick recap is finished!
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