Welcome Back!

After a long hiatus – Slaint.com is BACK! And with a new look.  A friend in SF used to host slaint.com for free for years so I never had to worry about it, but he decided to cut his costs and dump all his freeloading friends! So slaint.com was offline for a while until I got motivated (and the time!) to sort it all out again.

So now here we are! A brief into to the new site:

Instead of moving all my photos onto slaint like I used to have, I have decided to keep them at Flickr and just provide links – they are on the right side of this page under “photos”.  I have also put a tab at the top called photos where I will put some of my flickr photosets. I can’t guarantee to do them all because I upload so many photos and it’s easier to just click the appropriate link on the sidebar!

I only take videos of Cian, so that tab should probably just be called Cian, but for now we will pretend that there might be other videos up there at some point! haha. That is also where you will need to check for new additions.

And the blog tab will bring you right back here!  And for all of you that are curious about Paul.. you can go to this newly created website from under the links tab.

I really hope that this new format will allow me to easily update and to get back to blogging. I have actually missed it quite a bit and have a ton of things I could have written about in this last year – but it was difficult to find the time!

Anyhoo…welcome back to slaint.com!

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