Festival time

Tomorrow is the last day of Ganpati and the start of the Mount Mary Festival, which makes me think of what was happening last year during these two festivals…I was in the hospital about to have my little munchkin!

I remember thinking that I hadn’t even gotten out to see ANY of the ganeshes around Bandra like I have every previous year. And the traffic getting to Lilivati was absolutely insane with the festival going on – I only knew that because of how long it would take Paul to get from our house to the hospital which is only a mile or two away!

And how things have changed in 1 year. I am thankfully skinnier now than I was when I got pregnant! I now feel like a ‘soccer mom’ with all the running around I do with Cian – play groups here and there, music classes, gym classes, etc. My living room no longer has any “asian feel” to it as it’s cluttered with baby toys and all other signs of adulthood have been removed so to not hurt the little one.  And a huge one for me that is.. I only get online for a few hours a day – during naps and after the little one is asleep for the night!

The other thing I am realizing this year… I have seen these festivals TOO many times. The ganesh idols in my neighborhood are the same ones they have had for the last 7 years – so no real interest to trudge around in the hot steamy weather to see very similar ones as to the previous years.  So then that makes me think…it really must be time to make a move.

will this be our last ganpati and mt mary festival living in Mumbai? only time will tell. Check back this time next year 😉

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