wedding festivities

The wedding and reception that brought us to Berlin was held on Friday. Unfortunately it was a rainy cold day, but the festivities were excellent. Andy & Anja were married at the Rathaus in Schoneberg. The officiant was excellent. She was so personable and really made the ceremony feel like it was the only one she was doing all day. Even though another couple were outside waiting! It was really fantastic, even though it was in German and we got only half of it.
We then walked across the street for cake, but were getting pelted by the rain, so headed to the reception venue early. We all jumped into taxi’s and headed to the lake. We had a wonderful terrace with heaters, couches and blankets and a gorgeous wood paneled room with bookcases filled with wine.
Festivities started at 3 pm and we were going until 5 a.m. Others stayed until 6:30!
Needless to say.. we slept all day yesterday!

The final meetup was last night at a Greek beer garden in Kleistpark. It was also really great with a live band.

Now that the wedding is behind us, we can try to get back to business being tourists!
Photos will come soon. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some up.

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